• Project Specific Syntax Highlighting in Sublime Text 3

    At any given time, I have several projects that I’m working on or maintaining. It’s not uncommon for these projects to use different technology stacks (Meteor, Jekyll, Backbone, etc), and since I mainly develop web applications, these projects almost always include HTML files. Each stack, however, generally has its own HTML templating engine with its own syntax. It could be Handlebars, Liquid, Underscore, etc. This is where a stock Sublime Text setup falls short.

  • Publishing to an Alternative Client-side Collection in Meteor

    When publishing a bunch of documents to the client with Meteor.publishComposite, we sometimes end up with a perplexing problem on the client side of things. How do we figure out which published documents were intended for which purpose?

  • Publishing Reactive Joins in Meteor

    Publishing many related documents from different MongoDB collections in your Meteor app can be a hairy problem. You might find yourself calling Meteor.publish several times to get all the documents you need pushed to the client. The reywood:publish-composite package was created to solve this problem in a flexible manner. It exposes one new function called Meteor.publishComposite.